Besides the abilities and spells that the World of Warcraft can kindly offer to its dedicated players, talents are the major thing that players must have by their side in order to successfully adventuring into the world. Players in every class in WoW is able to make good use of talents which are considered to be the special abilities given to each class in their fighting missions. 

Talents can help you do countless things from enhancing an ability you already possess to providing you with new abilities. Each player also has the ability to use these talent points in customizing their character to best suit their personal playing style. In WoW, every class character begins to get talent points at level 10 and when a character reaches level 70 they will get a total of 61 talent points. Talents are divided into Tiers containing 1 through 9. 

Starting at level 1, if you wish to access to the next tier of talents, you are required to place 5 points in a previous tier. Many WoW talents can be very different in terms of their acquisition. For example, you are required to buy another talent as a “prerequisite” before allowing you to purchase some talents for using them of your own. Attaining a Tier 9 talent, which is the highest talent, needs you to put a minimum investment of 41 talent points into a particular tree.