Like a spectrum of other strategy-based games, the world of warcraft game has been clearly dependent on spells in making the game itself look considerably more pulsating both in adventuring and fighting as much as possible. Spells are extremely useful when fighting enemies and the decision to use spells properly is a must.

The right WoW spells can make all the difference and put you on the leading edge. It is safe to say that each player has the ability to use WoW spells that they can learn, but some of them are far more destructive than others, but there are many races that especially specialize in spell casting to put the attack on their opponents like Mages, Priests, Paladin, Druids and Shaman who all are capable of handling adversaries very well with their own unique style of spell casting. WoW Spells can generally fall into 2 categories comprising of offense and defensive ones.

Offensive spells are used to attack the opponent in many different ways depending on the situation, while there are a large quantity of defensive spells available for WoW players. Defensive spells are the ones that help prevent you and your friends from taking serious damage or harm during battle.

There are also many defensive spells in the game, but the primary ones include healing priest players can cast on others to help them recover from sustaining grave wounds or injuries. A player with a healing spell benefits lots of things to a group like they an either bring back life that was deprived or have the supernatural ability to actually resurrect a perished comrade.