In World of Warcraft, players are always free to choose and learn a limited set of trade skills (or sometimes called “professions”) that will help them in many possible ways. Learning skills are very useful and practical in that players can go out to adventure in the world of Azeroth, make a large sum of money and gold and create weapons, invention or even other high-quality stuff of their own that will earn them lots of profits if done well.

In general, trade skills can be categorized into one of two classes as follows: The first one is WOW Primary Trade Skills in which world every character is restricted to learning only two primary trade skills and the second one is WOW Secondary Trade Skills in which players can also be entitled to pay a nominal fee for learning secondary trade skills besides Primary Trade Skills that require them to pay much more money to learn.

As said above, trade skills are considered extremely useful because they are an effective means to help players benefit greatly by selling their products to the stores or trading with other players in exchange for money.