PvP (short for Player Vs. Player in World of Warcraft) has been the most popular form of fighting in the game so far. A vast majority of WoW players have a preference for PvP when it always comes to playing the game just because it can be a very good test of how great a fighter you really are.

In general, PvP combat on all servers across the world has the same goals and rewards even though PvP battle may start differently. This sometimes depends on which type of server you are currently playing on. You can get a reward when fighting for their faction through the “honor system”. 

You will also get rewards with Honor points if killing an opposing faction player who is near or above your level, and in turn, you will get nothing and lose your Honor points if killing an opposing faction player who is well below your level. Every week Honor points will be calculated and will affect your character`s rank. 

The great thing about the Honor points is that when you succeed in each rank, a reward in the form of items will be given to you. At the highest ranks, you will receive these rewards including access to new mounts, and great quality sets for your character class.

There is also a great strategy guide that provides a detailed run-down on World of Warcraft PvP.