World of Warcraft provides all its players with a wide variety of amazing mounts for the different races of the war-torn world of Azeroth. Simply speaking, each WoW race has its own unique mounts as a great mean to help them travel to different places with ease. Undead, for example, usually ride Skeletal Warhorse horses, and Dwarf of Ironforge tend to rely on their loyal swift ram mounts.

In WoW, Mounts are a sought after mode of transportation in which players can ride atop the backs of their selected creatures of Azeroth and Outland. They have several forms. The Burning Crusade also introduces new mounts with the ability to fly.

Mounts are very popular among WoW players in the sense that they can own mounts which are a special species of permanent pet. Another intriguing point for those who wish to have mounted in their possession is that riding experts will be able to use mounts that are not generally available to their specific race by using the riding talent and with extensive training.

Of course mounts are not mere status symbols of each race on the world of Arzeroth in the game, but they can be more than that in many stunning ways. Mounts are generally being used for carrying players from one place to another and it enables them to travel over lands considerably faster than on foot.

Once player are mounted, they will be able to fully control over their mounts. Nevertheless, players cannot attack monsters or opponents while mounted, and monsters are unable to assault the mounts too.

However, once players are mounted, all damage and attacks will be directly aimed at the player instead and not at their mounts. In case players are dead, while riding on the mounts, the mounts will unsummon will “unsummon” and will be available for “resummoning” as soon as the players enter the state of the living again.

Each WoW race has their own mounts and other races can ride these mounts providing they must have the appropriate faction and physical capacities.

Here is the full list of all mounts that each WoW race (both the Alliance and Horde) use and own for traveling. Alliance (Night elves : Saber, Humans : Horse, Dwarves : Ram, Gnomes : Mechanostrider, Draenei : Elekk in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade) and Horde (Tauren : Kodo, Orcs : Wolf, Trolls : Raptor, Undead : Skeletal Horse and Blood elves : Hawkstrider in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade).

Also, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion offers two new Flying Mounts to all players of the Alliance and Horde factions. The Alliance has Gryphon, while the Horde also has Wyvern as their Flying Mounts to take all its faction members to various places.