Macro is regarded as a special trick to automate your game play and make your gaming experience more exciting as much as possible. World of Warcraft macros can be used to make some processes working in an automatic ways. Its working process is quite simple.

It depends on a script system that is not hard to understand at all. The primary objective of applying a Macro to the game playing is to enable you to create some very basic actions or tasks, based on the actions that are existing in the games. A macro is only a set of slash command keys, which are used in order when executing the macro.

For example, if you want to create a new macro, you can select to type /macro, or click on the speech bubble next to the chat box and then choose macro. After that you can name a macro, an icon and a type in lines of slash commands. The macro appears in the shape of an action that you are able to drag onto your hotbar.

If you want to activate the macro, you can just click on the resulting button on the hot bar. Even if it is generally useful, Macros’ severe restrictions are the fact that they are only designed for some very simple tasks and it is hard to use a WoW Macro to cast more than one spell at a time.