Like other Massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPG) on the market, items are very necessary for all aspects of game play. Players characters usually earn items from killing monsters or beasts who do drop items in the form of treasure that they can loot. Most of these items are drawn haphazardly from a specific item class for a monster of that kind. 
Word of Warcraft has a lot of useful and interesting items for players to choose from and a large number of items are very rare or unique as well. World of Warcraft also upholds a form of its random item generation. Unique items, like both “Sword of Life, stealing” and “Breastplate of Stamina,” are generated by the system. 

The game takes the base item, such as a sword, ax, hammer digger or knife and randomly combines it with a modifier, such as life stealing. However, there are some limits to items used as certain items can only be used or worn by specific classes and it is not always easy to earn to some of the World of Warcraft items because of the fact that some are rare and extremely hard to find