A guild is a technical term in all strategy-based games. In World of Warcraft. a guild is a group of game players that play a game together and have something to work together to attain their goals or targeting while playing game. One thing that players in a guild have in common is they work together as a group to complete some very hard quests or raids that cannot be done alone.

Besides doing the quests and performing raids, players (several) can build a guild to chat together during their gameplay. In WoW, you can decide to be or not be a member of a guild, but if you have a good one, it will surely make your game experience much more exciting and fun.

The guild’s interface in World of Warcraft has a working system a lot similar to friends one in an Instant Messenger because it also has a special feature that is a private chat channel available only for the guild’s members. Different ranks and titles on the members in the guilds can be only set by the guilds leaders who have the privilege to promote the members who can do well for their guild.