Without doubt, gold is the most valuable and important form of currency commonly used in the World of Warcraft economy system. A player in the game use gold to purchase and sell items or other equipment from vendors or other players. In WoW, gold is very desirable for every player in the universe as they can help them do a host of things in the game. For its value, 1 gold piece is equal to 100 Silver pieces or 10,000 Copper pieces. 

A majority of good items are auctioned at prices between 1 gold coin and 10+ gold coins. Due to the fact that gold is very rare in WoW, this makes it very highly coveted and popular among the players of the World of Warcraft. Hunting, crafting and questing all prove to be the most effective ways for you to get gold easily compared to any other way. The first option to earn gold is Hunting. When you go out for hunting, the enemies drop items for you after being killed, and even the least useful ones can also be sold to vendors in the exchange for money.

For questing, it normally gives you rewards for your questing success in the forms of money and items. Of these two, money is most useful as it gives you a large number of it. Finally, Crafting is the last fastest way of earning gold, you are limited to choose just 2 professions and use it to gather raw materials or create items which you can sell them for money. 

When buying gold, there is a big difference between US and EU servers. On US servers, buyers have to pay more due to the strict anti-seller measures that Blizzard employs there. The most well-known sellers are:

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