WoW Exploits have a very special role in this most played online strategy game in the world. Currently, it can be easily accepted that World of Warcraft is arguably one of the most exploited games ever created due to its ever-growing worldwide popularity. Its millions of players use Exploits on a very frequent basis. Exploits in WOW acts like a dirty guide to tell you something considered malicious for decoding WOW that can be exploited.

Generally WOW Exploits are pretty much the same as cheats in many ways, but they are still quite different from bots which are special programs which help make things working automatically for you during gameplay experience. There are also a few main samples of WOW Exploits that have been used widely in World of Warcraft since its initial release to the public several years ago. A dupe that was done using instances is one of the very first important exploits in WOW. This exploits enabled millions of gold which is extremely hard to find to be duped somehow within a week. Since gold was completely moved out of the WOW economy system driven and created by its players from around the world, the Blizzard Entertainment (both producers and owners of the game) was forced to try and find the people that managed to duped gold, banning them, but a large quantity of all gold made remained left in the game economy-damaging it all the time.

There is also another hugely significant exploits used in WOW which is the tricky ability to solo raiding bosses by using instant casts. Through these instant cast exploits, WOW players were able to begin a 40 main raid against the bosses by themselves. They could cast a spell repeatedly instantly and they finally easily slain even the foulest raid bosses in the dungeons which made some players using these exploits able to go far beyond others in the game. Despite these recurring problems, the exploits are something that players will always encounter with and WOW also has the greatest risk for facing being exploits with the game having over 7 millions players worldwide. However, WOW is not like other MMORPGs in that in case found to be using exploits while playing over level 20, your account will be banned permanently by Blizzard just for using it once. If you do not want to get banned, it would be wiser and safer to use only hints and tips or secrets for your account.