Epic is another very important part appearing in the best-known game called World of Warcraft which has continually been setting the pace of the fast-changing gaming world in terms of both popularity and fame. The level of each item quality above Rare, but below Legendary is called Epic.

Any items of Epic quality can be easily found and available to all WoW players in end-game instances, ranging from various primary and secondary professions, world drops, to reputation purchases. Epic quality items is quite different than Legendary quality ones in that they are bountiful in the game, while the latter seems to be very hard to find for most players of every race. Most of them never get one and merely even run into them occasionally.

Many epics can be of great use for WoW players in several other ways. They generally are part of the Armor Sets, which are compatible with various sets of class-specific armor that provide both excellent bonuses and great protection in battle. Furthermore, there are even many non-raid items, also commonly known as Epics for Casuals, that are available to all WoW players as well.

Also there are quite a few of important remarks about Epic found in the game. The names of Epic quality items always have purple in color. Equippable items of Epic quality invariably have one or more attribute bonuses or procs. Equippable items at the level of Epic quality and above can be disenchanted by player characters by using the Enchanting profession which produces one or more Nexus Crystals.

Very few ingredient items have Epic quality. Mounts can also be Epic of WoW players. And finally, epic class items that are dropped randomly out in the world of Azeroth, such as the Bow of Searing Arrows and others are much far and few between.