Bots are very common and frequently found in many MMORPGs on the market. Like all the bots widely used in other games, WOW bots are very popular and abundant in quantity.

For World of Warcraft game players, there is nothing more they detest than a new gamer or newbie who uses such tricky and dirty things as cheats and cheat codes to advance in levels very quickly through the game. Another one is these constant sources of extreme annoyance and something which has been banned from the World of Warcraft game website is a player who makes use of a World of Warcraft bot.

In the world’s most played MMO, it is not surprising that bots are being used inappropriately. For those who may not know about it, game bots are automated software or service that will serve to emulate all human behaviors. By using World of Warcraft bots, gamers will be able to advance through the levels much more quickly rather than being stuck in the more boring parts of the game for too long. Because of this, new players taking advantage of World of Warcraft bots will be able to go up in levels much faster, meaning they will be able to reach level 70 faster.

This kind of cheating is not approved by Blizzard Entertainment at all costs. Actually, on November 15, 2006, more than ten thousand gamers were permanently banned by Blizzard from playing World of Warcraft for abusing World of Warcraft bots to take them level up and grind unusually much faster.