One major thing that every class fighter in World of Warcraft always must have by their side is Armor which can easily be one of the most desirable and significant weapons in fighting against enemies or adventuring in the World of Azeroth. If well equipped, armor can help you to achieve your ultimate goals easily and immensely in many ways. 

Wearing any type of suitable armor does not only make you much stronger, but also prevent you from suffering from massive amounts of damage taken during battle. It can really help you reduce the severity or harm you absorb from a brutal fighting, therefore staying alive much longer for the rest of the combat.

In WoW, the Warrior class is more highly armor dependent than all other classes, while Priest, Mage and Warlock are the classes depending on a set of armor the least. Another most striking and outstanding feature for armor lies in its obvious variety in design. There are huge collection of cool and handy armor for players to choose from including cloth, leather, mail and plate.