Before playing the World of Warcraft, you must have an account to be able to play the game. You can get your own account by buying the game package at your game store or local retailer and then go to the World of Warcraft official website and use the cd key or authentication key to create your account. 

After finishing the account creation process, you can now log on to activate your account by filling in your user name and password and get yourself ready to play. You can manage your account anytime you want in the account management section. The most special thing regarding the account part is that you can buy an already created account which is a way to help you escape the very tedious lower levels of the game and quickly jump right into the more exciting higher levels. 

You can purchase these already created accounts from those who do not wish to play World of Warcraft anymore, or from professional gamers who wish to sell them only. Both ways are equally good to put you in the right direction and get you to go much faster in the game and you do not need to start from scratch.