In World of Warcraft, a map is regarded as a very fast way to act like a virtual guide to help you as a player to travel and adventure in the world of Azeroth significantly more comfortable plus exciting as you are playing the game. A WoW map always shows you every great detail of all the locations you find in the game while exploring the world on your own or with your friend.

With a detailed map, you have an excellent opportunity to have a very nice view of the world as much close as it gets. Also, you have a good chance to take a look at thousands of all major cities which are either starting areas or capital cities for all the races in the World of Warcraft such as Stormwind. Ironforge, Darnassus, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff, The Under City. On top of that small towns, forts, outposts, lakes, plains, wilderness, villages, people, qu4est givers, beasts, monsters all can also be seen on a mini-map of the game as well.

Simply using a WoW map, it is possible for you to clearly see and walk to just about any destination in the vast world of Warcraft and surely you will never get stuck or lost in places too often.