Another extremely dangerous, powerful and savage race for the Horde faction in the vast World of Azeroth is the Trolls who are typically tall, lanky and muscular. Because they are well- documented barbaric and superstitious attitudes, they are in general recognized for using their cruelty and abhorrence against all other races in battle. The Trolls have been a rare race in the Land of Azeroth as they possess both elven and Orcish characteristics with their ferocious fangs and lengthy ears. Also, their long arms, strong legs and quick reflex reactions are perfectly made for them to comfortably hunt everything they desire in theirs.

In common with the Forsaken group of undead, the Darkspear tribe of Trolls has become totally disconnected from the rest of their kind. Following the abrupt exile from their homeland in Stranglethorn Vale, they encountered with eradication by the Murlocs. However, with the generous help of Thrall and his race of Orcs, the Trolls were survived from the offensive Murlocs who had been menacing them for so long. Following their commander, Voljin the ShadowHunter, they now fight for the Horde’s cause and hope to fully support their oath of allegiance.

Besides their physical superiority, the Trolls also have many other special attributes when it always comes to fighting.

Only physical damage is strong enough to slay them, but they still are able to regenerate lost limbs while also heal severe physical injuries at a very speedy rate making them redoubtable adversaries on all the battlefields. Setting Duration in Ogrimmar as their starting area, the Trolls can superbly perform four of their innate racial traits such as Berserking, Regeneration, Beast Slaying and Throwing Weapon Specialization.