The Tauren are by far the most powerful and formidable race of all in World of Warcraft. With their obviously enormous size looking absolutely threatening to many, they are cyclopean and bestial creatures who spend all their time living in the grassy, vast barrens of central Kalimdor. Dedicated to serving nature and keeping up the balance between the wild things and the restless spirit, the Tauren might be extremely large and powerful, but they have not always meant to be one of evil. Having started out as a very peaceful tribal race, they quite shut themselves and lived in Mulgore, a strong vegetation land.

The Tauren remained so peaceful in their own land but one day the Centaurs assaulted and almost eliminated them. The panic Tauren had no place left to run to but their allied Orcs and formed an alliance with them. With the Orcs helping hands, the Taurens under the guidance of their ancient chief, Cairne Bloodhoof, bounced back quickly by destroying the invasive Centaurs. Following their heated battle, the Orcs continue their alliance with the Taurens to help them fight against the alliance. Then, the brute Tauren of Camp Narache, Mulgore also cemented their tight alliance with the Orcs during the invasion of the Burning Legion and the two races have uninterruptedly continued to keep their steadfast and intimate allies ever since.

Splendidly armed with awesome destructive powers, the remarkably gigantic and imposing Tauren have now become a strong warrior race who makes highly effective use of every ounce of their strength and energy to whip out whatever enemies standing in front of them. War Stomp, Endurance, Cultivation and Nature Resistance are four of their racial traits to help them fight for the sake of their ultimate destiny and glory.