The most brutal and feared WoW race is the truly savage and green-skinned Orcs, who are widely regarded as an influential member of the Horde faction in the World of Warcraft. They are also considered to be one of the most prolific races of the World of Azeroth. With their incessant obsession with mercilessly killing sworn enemies, many people believe them to be emotionless and brutal killing machines, offering no humanity or empathy to all other races.

The Orcs originally originated from the Land of Draenor, but the Dark Portal somehow guide them to the human kingdom of Stormwind. Because of the truly savage nature, they fought aggressively against humans for 3 great wars. Very few are aware of their intriguing history that in fact, the Orcs did not start off as a horrific slaying machine as they are now. The Orcs originally were a race who have a penchant for peace and nobleness. Unfortunately, they were corrupted when the Burning Legion found them and made a deal with their leader.

This unavoidably compelled the Orcs to be slaves to the Burning legions Will. Following the great battle with the humans, a war mastermind named Thrall willingly helped to seek and bring Orcs back together. Due to all their leadership qualities needed, many consider the Orcs to be as the actual leaders of the horde race alliances. And the Orcs race also plays a pivotal role in WoW as they are destructive, ruthless, pugnacious, powerful and extremely redoubtable in appearance. Starting off in the home city of Duration in Ogrimmar, the Orcs are well-equipped with four racial abilities in the various forms of Blood Fury, Hardiness, Command and Axe Specialization and fully armed with lethal axes.