Night Elf

The Night Elves are one of the oldest and most clever races of the Azeroth world. Nocturnal by nature, they were the very first race to be awakened in the World of Warcraft. These shadowy Night Elves were the first ones to learn the use of magic. Nevertheless, the Night Elves made a costly mistake by their reckless use of magic and that is what attracted the Burning Legion into the world which led to an epic war between the two titanic races.

The Night Elves managed to successfully expel the evil Legion from the world, but the sea completely shattered and drowned their wondrous homeland. Following years of fierce battling, the Night Elves were able to push the Burning Legion back to their land. Owing to this catastrophic mistake, the Night Elves promised that they would never touch their magic again, closing themselves off from the remainder of the world for many thousands of years away in Mount Hyjal, while all still changes. In the promise of isolation, the Night Elves attempted to stay away from the outside world, however, during a great battle, they changed their mind to join the Alliance to help fight off evil.

The Legions invasion finally brought the Night Elves out of their long spell of reclusion. They have now renewed a very keen interest in reshaping the world and returned to reunite with all races to ensure the continued survival of Azeroth. As the veteran of using shadow magic to attack enemies, the Night Elves set Teldrassil as their newbie area, with Darnassus their home city. Just like all other classes, the remarkably reclusive Night Elves have four racial traits including Shadowmeld, Quickness, Wisp Spirit and Nature Resistance.

As the most well-known race in the Azeroth world, the human beings in WoW are a species native to the Eastern Kingdoms and are a key member of the Alliance. Famous for being the most resilient breed, they bravely fight through horrible times in all the land. Even after being almost eradicated by the Horde in the first great Orcish invasion, the humans managed to escape the genocide by the savage Orcs.

During the Second war, legions of armies of the allied Alliance rallied together to finally overcome the burning legion. This great success was not possible without the aid from all of their strong allies. The major ones comprise the Night Elves, Dwarves, and Gnomes who all are regarded as their fully dedicated allies in the Alliance. The fact that the humans do not make any remarkable progress in any one specific class is true but they are well-adept in every class.

And this is really the main reason to hugely help make them one of the strongest races in the homeland of Azeroth.

Even though they are not the best warrior comparatively to some other classes, for instance, they own the superior ability to train mages which can easily turn the tide in a battle against only warriors. Starting off in Elwynn Forest of Stormwind, the humans possess a multitude of unmatched capacities deriving from their racial traits including Perception, the human Spirit, Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization.