Almost half of the great Gnomish race was under absolute eradication during the fall of Gnomeregan reign. The ragged Gnomes, who were fortunate enough to survive the brutal slaughter, fled to the safety of the Dwarves’ stronghold of Ironforge. Fully committed themselves once again to the Alliance’s cause, the Gnomes devote all their time inventing advanced strategies and weapons that will help them reclaim their besieged city and build a better future for their people. Widely dubbed as the most advanced technological race in World of Warcraft, the resourceful Gnomes and the former Gnomeregan dwellers, are a race of tiny humanoids who currently live with the Dwarves in Dun Morogh of Ironforge.. Much to everyone’s astonishment, the Gnomes might be diminutive in size compared to any other class, but they are generally strong and manage to compensate for their physical disadvantage by making many of their amazing breakthroughs in developing radical new technologies and constructing marvels of breathtaking engineering.

Many people had a strong belief that the Dwarves are the genius’s behind technology but the Gnomes are the ones that have actually been in charge of creating all the designs. The Dwarves only change and build what the Gnomes create based on their instructions. In addition to the peaceful Dwarves, the eccentric and sagacious Gnomes as well are allied with the human race who are the most versatile race of the Land of Azeroth. Same as any other race, their four racial traits of them include Escape Artist, Expansive Mind, Arcane Resistance and engineering Specialization.