As an integral element of the largely popular WoW game, a race will help you determine what kind of player character you can be and what faction you will be part of (the Alliance or the Horde). Choosing your WoW race in the game is the very first thing you must do before starting your adventures throughout the vast lands of the Azeroth world.

Many races of brutal sentient and intelligent beings are residing in the Warcraft Universe. These races have racial traits, homelands of their own and can follow different classes as well as speak many different languages. Even though most WoW races derive from the world of Azeroth, certain ones come from other worlds, like Draenor, and the armies of the Burning Legion are stemmed from many worlds throughout the Twisting Nether.

Currently there are two playable factions available in World of Warcraft (the Alliance and the Horde), and each of them is made up of five very different races (including DraeneiDwarfGnomeHuman and Night Elf for the Alliance faction and Blood ElvesOrcTaurenTroll, and Undead for the Horde).