Like the Leatherworking profession, Tailoring is one of the most simple and useful Secondary professions in the World of Warcraft game. Even its simplicity in itself, this simple but effective profession is considered “great” in that it is concentrated upon the excellent skills to produce a host of great products from a source of cloth materials. The Tailor profession really enables players to cut and weave a wide diversity of pieces of cloth into a lot of superb products such as Armor, bags, gloves, shirts and other cloth items.

Furthermore, the most important and practical thing Tailors can do for most classes is the fact that they have the ability to create cloth items for WoW classes which wear cloth including Priests, Mages, and Warlocks. Their unrivaled ability to create bags for the entire guild means Tailors have a particularly vital role in guild. They also have special and unique abilities in producing specialty bags like Herbalism bags that will improve the potential of gathering for the guild.

As the highest levels, they also are able to learn powerful hard-to-find recipes which make them able to produce very powerful gear that is extremely useful when it comes to raiding. Additionally, shirts or dress-up items can be created by Tailors for other people in the game as well. Any special equipment is really not required by Blacksmith to produce their own items, like blacksmiths who need anvils. In other words, Tailors can create their own items wherever they wish if they can find the suitable ingredients needed to produce them.