Skinning is another Secondary profession in the World of Warcraft game. This skillful profession is great indeed because it allows its players to gather a wide array of leather and pelts which are received from hunting or killing beasts and animals in the game. This is the absolutely perfect gathering skill which is very suitable for the Leatherworking profession, but it is also very good for earning that extra money your character will need. 

Leather is not only used in Leatherworking, but it is also used in various kinds of recipes for so many leading Primary Professions such as blacksmithingengineering, and tailoring. Skinning skill can be performed on nearly any beast and animal in the wilderness, if a mob can be skinnable the text “Skinnable” will be shown in the mob’s tooltip. As your skill goes up, you can skin higher level mobs, To be able to do skinning, you also need a skinning knife to be in one of your bags. 

Skinners harvest the skins such as leathers, hides, and scales from beasts and animals mainly used with the Leatherworking profession but other professions have a few crafted items that need leather as well. It can also be taken alone, without Leatherworking, to sell on to other players to get a decent profit. As this profession can be learned and studied at a character level 1, it is very useful for getting great income from the start of a character. Because of the fact that skinning is a Primary Gathering Profession, it does count towards your 2 primary profession limit.