Mining is the excavation or digging of ores, stones and various gems from mineral-abundant veins which can later be used to do lots of useful things in the game. Mining is useful for producing a barrage of destructive weapons, armor, and other major items, selling in their raw forms to blacksmiths and engineers or NPC Traders.

Mining is considered to be one of many very exciting and challenging professions to learn and master at the same time in order to gather a wide variety of materials for doing a lot of very cool stuff in a number of major Primary Production or Crafting professions. like blacksmithingengineering, and Jewel crafting. In order to be a miner, however, you do not need to master those professions. In other words, you could only accumulate or collect a wide variety of resources that you can find while traveling in the game and sell them to vendors. 

For many, this profession is really worth taking as the resources can be found very easily all over the places anyway while traveling for the adventure throughout the world. Selling these products to Blacksmiths can also be highly profitable and lucrative for many good reasons, particularly when starting mining at higher level minerals and that makes mining to be one of the best money-making professions to choose. Mining is recommended to be best coupled with blacksmithing or engineering professions.

In connection with an Engineering reference, it’s also possible to get a Mining guide for World of Warcraft.