Jewelcrafting is a new profession first introduced in the World of Warcraft (Burning Crusade expansion). This latest great profession allows all players to craft many practical and useful things in the WOW game such as rings, trinkets, necklaces and special jewels that can be utilized in various kinds of specific items, which are commonly called Socketed items, With the newest Jewel crafting profession in the BC expansion, all WoW players will be able to skillfully craft a host of beautiful and important tools and devices that were only formerly available in the forms of loot rewards and dropped items like necklaces, trinkets, crowns, and rings.

People who practice Jewel crating, Jewel crafters are also able to use the metals and gems they received by prospecting ore for creating amulets, rings, trinkets, and much more cool stuff. When you become an expert Jewel crafter, you will get a perfect opportunity to learn how to cut socket able gems. This thing will help you increase particular attributes of new types of armor when fitted into their slots.

Every single class character can get a very good chance to receive the full benefits from the profession of Jewel crafting due to the fact that the tools and devices created through this profession can be jointly utilized by anyone in the game. There is jewelry for every possible demand. There also are trinkets providing mana regeneration, necklaces giving high attack power, rings with the increased ability of defense and Armor and so on. The most evident benefit of the Jewel crafting profession in WoW is that this profession is not focused on any single role or character class.