As another hugely popular gathering skill, Herbalism is, without a question, one of the most profitable professions of all the World of Warcraft professions. It can enable you to earn a great wealth of profits and money in a few hours quite effortlessly.

If you want to get the best out of this in-demand profession, you have to choose your character’s race as undead, but tauren and human are also welcome, mining is most likely to be a perfect supplementary profession to partner with the herbalism profession for getting large sums of gold within a very short time. If your ultimate goal is not about large sums of gold, then the Alchemy profession is definitely the more suitable match for Herbalism.

Herbalism is a virtually necessary requirement for Alchemy. As you all probably know, Herbs can be very easily found all over the world. so it is a very good idea to learn this skill and take full advantage of it. Alchemy is a major and superb skill that enables you to generate all sorts of instant potions to enhance your own character’s effectiveness. Herbs can also be found via a special tracking skill called “Find Herbs”. When you get near a herb, the herb will be shown as a yellow dot on your mini map, thus making it much easier to find herbs. Herbalism can also be used to make a lot of money in the game.