Like first aids, Fishing is a secondary gathering profession (lesser skill) that is quite a lot different than all the other ones. This profession is very unique in its own way because you are not required to take a risk going to many perilous places or collecting hard-earned reagents, but instead this trade profession is suitable for a player who wish for relaxation and enjoyment while practicing the fishing profession.

It is also a profession you can learn to master pretty easily beside your two primary professions in World of Warcraft. It is also a special skill that has its own unique place in WoW. Fishing allows players to better sharpen their hunting skills and gives them the ability to fish out in the sea and other living things from the waters of the World of Warcraft universe. Some of the raw items can be eaten without cooking, while other items must be cooked for the purpose of increasing their effects. It is very useful for the hunter class as well because they can feed their combat pets with these foods.

By simply fishing, it is also possible to find reagents that are useful and suitable for Alchemy. and treasure chests. All in all, fishing is a very easy and fun profession to learn or practice on your own. Patience is the only thing you need to fish for around 48 hours time in order to successfully master this useful skill. You might be curious to know what the point in mastering this profession is. As soon as your skill level is more than 400, you will be able to fish the waters of Azshara for the Essence of Water. You can earn Gold for 5-8g each for this item. If you are patient long enough, mastering fishing can pay off hugely after a very lengthy period of time.