First Aid

Despite being handed its inferior status as a Secondary Service Profession in the World of Warcraft, this profession can offer you a host of the full benefits that you may never think about before. First Aid can help you do so many useful and desirable things extremely needed in the game, for example, you can easily learn how to correctly and effectively save people’s lives, cure poison and heal serious wounds sustained through this greatly beneficial profession.

Becoming a physician is not impossible too! This secondary still has a major part in allowing you to create various kinds of necessary bandages that can be exerted to aid yourself and other players during a battle against enemies. Being physicians have a very good thing for all players in terms of treatment due to the fact that they have the special ability to create bandages which are later used to cure other players that suffered grave injuries and wounds.

But the very first thing is that you must properly train the first aid skill to be able to properly apply a bandage to other players. Another most obvious benefits of this healing-based profession are the ability to nurse yourself as well as other people by using a torrent of cool items created from different ingredients you can find while hunting or slaying monsters during your adventuring experience in the game.