Enchanting is one of the most useful and popular professions for a legion of highly addicted and dedicated players of World of Warcraft. Enchanting is another Primary Service Profession in WoW. This means it counts towards your limit of two Primary that professions you can have in the game.

This highly complicated profession is great indeed since it really provides you with the ability to enchant your own weapons and Armor, thereby enabling you to fully improve them on a permanent basis. Enchanters always reply upon their magical mixtures to better give permanent reinforcement to Armor, shields, swords, weapons, and other equipment in order to make them exponentially more effectively destructive. Enchanting needs the proper use of special ingredients that can only be put together by disenchanting various kinds of magical items. They can render items significantly more powerful than ever by using these ingredients.

Enchanting also can perform the other great utility to cause weapon much more lethal. They can be utilized to create oils that are capable of being applied to weapons in order to fill it with temporary enhancements that can be mixed together with permanent enchantments to cause a much greater effect. Being a higher-level profession make enchanting requires its players (enchanters) to do more work than most WoW vocations. However, the enchanters do not create items directly from the skills but make their existing items more effective and efficient instead. Five levels of enchanting in WoW are Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, and Master.