Cooking in the World of Warcraft game is very special in its unique way despite the fact that it is only a Secondary Profession or Skill like fishing and first aid. Of course cooking constitutes food and food has a wide variety of practical uses, for example, it can be used as a fantastic remedy in the game to heal other WoW players suffering injuries or wounds out of combats so that they can jump back to continue fighting as quickly as possible and it can also be sold to merchants or vendors who need them for money as well. While you are adventuring around the vast World of Azeroth, it is somewhat easy to notice that you frequently receive pieces of meat, which also could be used to create food too.

Also food will become very important to you in case you are playing as a player character that depends heavily on food, like a non-healing player character or a player character that solos in the game. A large amount of food from Beer-Basted Boar Ribs to Giant Clam Scorcho, can be found pretty easily along the way in the World of Azeroth. You can gain the food through cooking for almost without paying money, but you also can purchase it from merchants. In most cases, cooking is recognized as a great “flavor” Secondary Skill in that you can create the funny and delicious dishes such as Giant Clam Scorcho, Gooey Spider Cake, Curiously Tasty Omelet and many more to entertain, please, or even quench the appetite of other playeres charactes. You can try to be one of the chefs of Azeroth who practice many types of recipes and train the cooking skill that might help you become an expert cook.

The best way to fully benefit from this minor but useful profession is that you can make your own food using different types of meat dropped by killed beasts and if you own the right recipe, you can surely make various kinds of yummy food out of it which is much desired by most players in the game. Cooking does not require you to have a gathering skill to be a cook but the fishing skill is a suitable supplement to the cooking skill. This is because it can provide you with several different kinds of fish that you can cook or make great food and dishes out of it.