As one of many important Primary Production professions in the World of Warcraft, Alchemy is very popular and useful to every character class in the game. Players can take full advantage of this great occupation as much as they want to enable them to transform their raw materials like herb, reagents and other plants into elixirs, flasks, potions, and oils which can bring them a wealth of money in a very dynamic player-driven economy system.

Many of these mixtures can increase the capabilities of any players character while others have the ability to recharge their health, energy, and mana during battle. Certain ingredients are items needed to complete some quests as well. Some of them act as reagents desirable by people of other professions. So this is an excellent chance for an Alchemist to get lots of money by way of their ability for Alchemy. Due to the fact, Alchemy falls into the category of a Primary Profession so you are restricted to only two primary professions. The best choice for a profession to pair with Alchemy is Herbalism simply because of the ever-high need for herbs and plant-based materials.

Learning Herbalism will help you gain an obvious advantage of the hunting and collecting your own plants deep in the wilderness. The Alchemy profession can be a great profession in several possible ways because it not only greatly helps you and your friends, but also gives the full benefits to your overall economy since some potions are always in high demand among a vast majority of WoW players. The most important thing for this profession is that it will be definitely a great way to earn some extra gold.