Profession, also commonly known as Trade Skills, are non-battle jobs that your player character can freely choose to learn or practice which allows them to create items and weapons in the game, or enhance them to cause more serious damage in battle. In World of Warcraft, professions are of great use for players in that if well learned they can help them sell their products or inventions in order to make a wealth of money or gold that extremely very rare in the World of Azeroth. Your character will be limited to 2 Primary Professions (both gathering and production), but can choose any number of Secondary Professions.

All WoW professions have their own different level requirements requiring you to be higher in level to progress through, so that you can’t just sit and spend your time all day long to create your items in order to become expert in your chosen professions. In the World of Warcraft, there are totally two kinds of professions available to players: Primary and Secondary. All players can have as many Secondary Professions as they wish to have but will be limited to choose only two Primary Professions.

Every WoW profession can be divided three main categories: gathering, production, and service. Primary Gathering Professions (Herbalism, Mining and Skinning) are the main jobs that fully allow you to craft and enhance items that are cheaper and more powerful than the ones sold at vendors. A lot of good items can be bought and sold from crafters.

Primary Production Professions (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking and Tailoring) are the raw material managing skills required in order to craete items and weapons, certain players may find these things useful only to exchaging or trading between themselves the game world, but some may use them to gather main resources to craft their own items for using or selling. Finally, Service Secondary Professions (Cooking, Fishing and First Aid) are generally all the simple skills that any players in the game can learn or practice all of them as these only lets minor enhancements which are unquestionably useful but not beneficial to players in a great way.