Wrath Of The Lich King Release

WoW wrath of the lich king guide convinces us that Lich king is hurt, he will leave no stone unturned to gut Azeroth completely, and the work at hand with you is to save him from such destruction.

You simply have to end the terrifying monarchical reign of the king. Lich king Arthas will never let a single creature breathe in Azeroth which means a complete doom for this huge territory. The undead legions of scourge are putting themselves up for something really ghastly. They are joining forces to breathe fire and calamity. Will you not come to the rescue? Just take up your weapons and strike the hardest on the kingdom of doom. Read the World of Warcraft WotLK game guide and you will love what’s going to unfurl.

WoW awaits the second expansion. After the Burning crusade expansion it is time for the Northrend expansion. This will also bring you the much coveted Heroes Class. The death knights will swarm the whole place and so will the bard`s. The death knights are coming armed with the powers of necromancy. The starter has a level 55 character.

You can push into the level 80 clearing dungeons and chains. Such prison chambers can be cleaned up only with the aid of best weapons in business. With each progressive step, your potential will keep increasing. So what are you waiting for? Run through the prison of Dalaran, Intrude Wrath gate in a big way and also go on a complete offensive at the Wintersgrasp

Two new arenas await you. The Orgrimmar and the Dalaran are also a part of the second level expansion. Just manage to pass through them and then there are siege weapons, destructible building and plenty of new monsters to take care of. The Nerubian Vizier, plague eruptor and Shovel tusk are just waiting in the balance to attack you the moment they find some chance. Wrath of the lich king guide is waiting to be discovered.