World of Warcraft Still on Top

Although World of Warcraft isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite game, we have to admit that it has become a huge hit and is even considered as one of the most popular games on the web today. The sheer number of players of this game is overwhelming and it out shadows many other steam games out there.

The thing that is able to boost the appeal of Steam games is the presence of marketplaces around the internet. Yes, there are many marketplaces that would sell extra items and skins to players in exchange for cash. Players especially love buying new skins to customize their characters. Marketplaces would contain items and skins for different online games.  It is also a great place for players to sell their old items and make some money at the side. The supporting marketplaces around the internet add to the appeal of these Steam games because it gives players the chance to personalize their gaming experience. It makes them feel more connected to their character.

Of course, there are many Steam games out there that are rapidly growing as well. League of Legends, for example, has hit a new record for number of players along with the online card game Hearthstone. However, many accounts in the game are not active subscribers. Even with its many competitors, we can see that World of Warcraft or simply WoW still stays on top of the game chain. With over 10 million active monthly subscribers all around the world, Warcraft definitely takes the biggest slice of the cake as it’s now labelled as the top massive multiplayer online game. To think those figures are from 2015! Imagine how many active monthly subscribers Warcraft has up to date.

As of today, the newest Warcraft game is “Warlords of Draenor” and it is gathering more and more subscribers every day. The game allows players to turn their characters into different races while they have to start out first as human. This installment also introduces players to the whole new level cap of 100 meaning your characters can reach level 100 and learn new abilities. People who don`t like to spend time on leveling can use wow boost service and check update as soon as possible. Aside from customizing your own character, you can also customize your own garrison. You can build your army and mold it just the way you want. This and a lot of other features of the game add to the overall appeal of WoW.

World of Warcraft has already established a name in the world of multiplayer online gaming. With its legion of fans awaiting new games from the franchise, people will not expect the number of players to go down anytime soon. It may even be growing. This is no surprise, of course. The best thing about it all is that the game is enjoyed and will be enjoyed by many.