Major Changes to World of Warcraft’s PVP System

What once was just a tease now becomes a drastic reality. Blizzard just made changes in the World of Craft Legion’s player-versus-player system, a troublesome change for most players. Although changes are said to bring improvements, most of the game’s loyal fans insist it’s a bad idea.

Blizzard shares a long list of specific details about the changes, but the overview simply falls on the focus of the player skill instead of the gear.

According to reports, Honor and Conquest won’t be used as currencies anymore. In buying gear from vendors, Honor Points are used instead. These points are earned in every battleground as a reward in the forms of Artifact Power, Gold, and a fresh set of PVP-only Honor Talents. Honor Points fill up the Honor Level, advancing you up to level 50.

In playing the Legion, your gear stats will automatically be nullified the moment you enter the zone of PVP. Instead of using your own gear stats, you will have to use the given pre-decided set of special stats. These new set of stats are uniquely configured according to your skill specialization.

Player-versus-player seasons will also be shorter. This is quite good news, as more seasons will mean more rewards.  However, PVP awards at the end of every season will no longer be distributed as an overall player base of faction. Awards are given according to the percentage rank of each player in the faction, which, on the other hand, is a pretty bad news.

Sure enough, these changes have brought confusions and a little bit of trouble for many players, but changes are always for the better. This only means one good thing – another set of exacting challenges wait to excite the inner player monster within you in every WoW battleground.