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Insight into the WoW Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The Lich King is all set to serve the brutal fireworks on you more than ever before.

It is an end to the reign of anarchy of the lich king. However, because you have entered his ill-sought territories, the Lich king Arthas will leave no dread that he can turn on you. He will further see the extinction of all forms of life in the Azeroth. No species will survive! Now that Lich king s mortal legions of scourge are planning total annihilation, you will have to take sword against them and ensure that you strike very hard on the cold, morbid nadir of the lich king s territory. Read the World of Warcraft: WotLK game guide for more details.

You can create a new death knight through the world of Warcraft s prototype hero class; those with the powers of necromancy. Create the tracts of your own destiny by becoming this kind of a character at level 55. You will also find useful WoW WotLK Death Knight guides laying around.

Shove in to level 80 passing dungeons and chains and exploring means to assert you on the enemy s shield. Your ability will keep enhancing as the game progresses and soon you will be all over it. Just cut through the prison of Dalaran, Launch a poignant attack on the Wrathgate, and go all out in offensive at Wintergrasp.

The Lich king has cut a morbid territory full of cold miré and tentacles of death at Northrend. It is your duty now to bring light there.

Orgrimmar and Dalaran arena are two new arenas introduced in this expansion. Just make sure that you can outwit the demons of these arenas and pocket enough reserves, the game promises many siege weapons and destructible buildings to lay claim to. The ghosts and scourges have flashed their might. Lich king has swamped you with all his might. Now it is for you to respond to his attack and make Northrend sunny and breathable again. It’s all there in the WotLK guideWoW, Wrath of the lich kings guides promises the game to be great fun and a great adventure.