Like music, videos always play a central role in World of Warcraft because it can serve to entertain all the WoW players visually, but it is very different from music that entertain them in an audio style. Videos can hugely enhance your game play experiences much more pleasurable and thrilling with a long sequence of vividly clear graphics and animations.

There are many huge collection of extremely beautiful and impressive videos for players and video lovers alike to view for their purpose of pleasure and enjoyment so you can select to watch whatever videos you want to. However, for some of the best fans of the World of Warcraft videos, creating their own special WoW videos is much more funny and exciting than just viewing other people’s ones.

They get inspired to start creating their own videos by finding some software to record themselves playing World of Warcraft called video capture software before going to Google video or youtube and then uploading your masterpiece for people to watch.