Servers or server clusters (better known as realms) in World of Warcraft are used to enable their game players make a good choice of their preferable personal gameplay type and concurrently also allow the game itself to give the full support to as many players as possible.

Generally, there is a clear limit on a number of characters that players can have within realm. Players always can have as many as ten characters per realm. Currently there are four kinds of realms of North American and Oceanic zones for players to choose from as follows: The first realm is Normal (also called as PvE or player versus environment), the second one is PvP (player versus player), the third one is RP (a roleplaying Normal/PvE server) and the final one is RP-PvP (roleplaying PvP server).

Furthermore, all realms also show players other valuable information and details on their status, realm name, type and density of population. Some striking examples of very popular and well-known realm names commonly used in World of Warcraft include Aman’Thul, Draenor, Feathermoon, Lightbringer, Moonrunner and etc.