Just like any other review, the World of Warcraft review is an in-depth evaluation and analysis of the game itself particularly made by real experts or insiders who really specialize in this genre of game after their long period of time playing and making very familiar with the World of Warcraft. Sometimes they also give their board ideas of how the WoW game really works from their own game play experiences.

In addition to a critical writing of their own, the game review’s authors or writers may kindly give the work a rating (for example, one to five stars normally meaning from poor to excellent) to show its’ relative value. In the review, they will make their own honest and straightforward opinions, telling readers about a wealth of very useful and intimate information and describing all the details about the game.

A majority of authors often tell their zealus readers about what they like or dislike and how they personally feel about the game in order to provide their personal thoughts as best as they can. In World of Warcraft, there are so many parts worth reviewing and getting a rating such as background, production, graphic, design, scenes, contents, character development and many more.