In World of Warcraft, patches are generally new content and bug fixes which are required for the game to run for playing. To be able to run the game properly, you must install the patches before you can play. You can usually just patch the game up when you operate it, but some players have various problems and need to manually download the patches from different websites.

The patches are normally the updating process used by players to update the versions of the World of Warcraft game in order to keep the game up to date all the time as much as possible. Patches also have a very unique part in online computer games. Nowadays, online computer games require their players to have patches to fix compatibility problems after their first release.

The primary objectives of patches are to change game rules or algorithm and update the information and details of the game. Any players who are not using the same patch version in a multiplayer game might be rejected by the game to avoid conflicts between versions. This also urges many users to update their versions more frequently.