Since its initial launch in North America, Australia and New Zealand respectively in November 2004, World of Warcraft has always proved to be the number-one massively multiplayer online role playing game on the market. The game has steadily gained their ever growing popularity and renown around the world.

The game’s popularity continues its expansion beyond all the expectations in 2005, before having subsequent launches in many countries worldwide. The WoW popularity is abundant in Europe which is widely considered to be the continent having a huge WoW customer base, in addition to North America. Amazingly the World of Warcraft’s European customer base is currently at over 1 million players already, while the worldwide total presently is at more than 6 million players.

Additionally, in Europe, World of Warcraft is run by a highly devoted local team of over 450 Blizzard employees coming from up to 22 different nationalities. There is also a release of the Spanish version of the World of Warcraft game and it will represent the fourth language available to all the European players following the existing English, German and French versions which have been came out to the public previously.