Warriors are an ever reliable and versatile fighting class, with the main focus on melee combat and the amazing ability to both deal and absorb massive amounts of damage for a group during battle. Warriors usually make up for their natural paucity of magical capabilities by possessing a wide variety of melee abilities. Because of this, warriors always rely on rage instead of mana to utilize most of their abilities in combat. Besides their extremely sublime and formidable melee skills, Warriors are primarily a tank and DPS class, responsible for playing one of two major roles within a party.

Warriors also can perform as the tank, keeping other party members from receiving aggro, therefore minimizing the total damage that the others absorb. Also, particularly through the proper application of talent points and the suitable gear, warriors can effectively play the role of DPS dealer (Damage Per Second) by causing tremendous amounts of melee damage in a short period of time. Another very cool feature for the warrior class is the fact that they are very highly dependent on gear for much of the time in fighting as most of their abilities to cause and take damage will be directly and totally controlled by the quality of their Armor and weapons they use.

At the same time, they also own a huge collection of equipment to choose from. Warriors are also one of the very few classes in WoW who can wear all types of great Armor including plate which is the most effective and desirable one in the game. The remarkably powerful warriors also have a selection of three different combat stances consisting of Battle Stance, Defensive Stance, and Berserker Stance.