In their frenzy and an endless quest for always greater sources of power and domination, warlocks used to be the former mages who decided to leave behind their studies of the Arcane and turned to be preoccupied with learning darker Shadow-based magic. Warlocks still keep their excellent skills in the handling of the Fire element, even though their main focus is firmly on inflicting agonizing pain on all their foe through the effective usage of Arcane energies to proficiently get rid of all their selected targets from a secure distance.

Warlocks are very similar to hunters in that they both employ combat pets, but their ones are summoned minions instead of tamed beasts. Pets are crucial to warlocks during their battles and there are a number of different pets available for them to choose from. All of them are the Imp, the Voidwalker and the Succubus respectively. warlocks’ first pet is the Imp which acts as a ranged damage dealer and this pet is best in a group as they possess the buff spell Blood Pact too that increases your own and your group’s stamina.

The Void Walker is the second pet which is the perfect unaccompanied pet because it can serve as a tank and has a lot of hit points and the Torment skill that can draw monsters’ anger, but its damage output is low. The third pet, the Succubus, is the best used in damage dealing but it has a quite low amount of hit points. Beside their pet using abilities, warlocks still have a wide range of other utility spells and abilities applied to attack a horde of enemies including “shock and horror” tactics of warfare, Shadow Energies, summoning party members, creating health stones and soul stones.