Shamans are highly considered to be one of the most well-rounded and versatile classes in the game of World of Warcraft. They can perform as a healer, warrior and mage hybrid class because they possess the special ability to easily switch from offensive-oriented magic spell caster to healer to DPS melee dealer or Tank as freely as they wish. Specially designed to improve all parts of a party, Shamans can undoubtedly be very proficient in using offensive spell casting, melee battle, or healing against their adversaries, while not being especially focused on just any one side of the game.

As a massive damage dealer, buffer and healer in one, Shamans are frequently sought-after in groups for being a secondary healer and for their own beneficial totems. The four kinds of totems comprising Earth, Fire, Air and Water are available for the melee expert to use in fighting. They can make use of all these totems at their own will, both in and outside combat, but they are limited to merely having one totem active of each type at once.

Yet another very special aspect that is really worth mentioning here is Shamans possess the Ghost Wolf and Astral Recall abilities which prove very useful to facilitate them during their travel in the vast land of Azeroth full of danger. The Ghost Wolf ability can transform or shapeshift them into a Wolf, thus allowing them to run much faster, while The Astral Recall ability works so well exactly the same as the hearthstone except for the fact that it does not have a long cooldown time like the stone so it can teleport them to their home city much quicker.