Hiding in the shadows and attacking when one rarely feels it, Rogues are a very dangerous adversary for all other WOW classes as they can so easily assault their rivals from all directions without leaving any trace. And if there are problems arising, they can vanish from sight instinctively and instantly. With a wide variety of their different abilities, Rogues have no problems taking up the great roles of thieves, spies, and assassins to silently attack their enemies from the darkest moment of the night.

Rogues are considered to be very proficient in dealing with melee damage and incapacitating enemies, especially with a group of low health and low Armor players such as spellcasters. The Rogue class is not only the supreme melee DPS dealer but also they can gain easy access to a wide array of special abilities, primarily depending on energy. Stealth provides them with a highly tactical superiority, enabling them to start a brutal fight in their own way. Other extra capacities consist of lock picking and the creation and usage of various kinds of poisons.

The all-dangerous and nimble Rogues generally do not rely on mana for their battle capabilities, but instead, make good use of energy and create combo points later applied to execute some great finishing moves. Like the hunter class, Rogues mostly depend on agility during a battle but also aim at using gear giving additional stamina. The most evident Achilles’ heel of this class is the fact that the remarkably cunning Rogues cannot wear shields. They can only wear leather or cloth Armor and wield a giant collection of one-handed weapons such as (daggers, swords, maces, and fist weapons) and ranged weapons.