The Priest is thus far the best and most efficient healing-based class, who is considered indispensable for a strong support group. Priests are the precursor in World of Warcraft when it comes to healing and buffing. Also able to take control of hatred and crowds, resurrect dead members and buff other players, Priests are the most useful class in groups but can also be unaccompanied without any difficulty when necessary, due to their Shadow Magic Spells.

Holy Word: Shield spell is rated as one of the most useful and effective Spells that Priests possess to defeat their rivals. It can help them instantly protect a target, absorb or take X damage. The shield proves best not only on weaker members like spell casters but also on tough ones like tanks. Besides the Shield spell, a few different buffs are also crucial to them in the game. One of them is Holy Word: Fortitude which helps to increase the Stamina of the buffed member.

In addition to all the healing and protection Spells, Priests can sometimes be very aggressive as well because they have a selection of offensive damage spells such as Holy Smite, Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Pain. Other crippling spells include Mana Burn and Mind Rot (Drains mana), while Crowd/Hatred Control abilities decrease Hatred and help them live much longer. However, the only disadvantage of this healing-based class at the moment is the fact they can only wear cloth Armor like the mage class.