As the unwavering advocates for the Holy Light and protectors of the Alliance, Paladins are very special in many ways. They are a robust, tough and mana-based caster hybrid class who concentrate on a perfect combination of defensive melee skills and healing abilities. Paladin can be both a melee fighter and secondary spell caster or healer at the same time so they have the special ability to resurrect dead members, heal injured ones and make use of different Auras and Seals.

Also, Paladins can wear Plate Armor (training needed) which helps them dramatically increase their defensive ability. One of the most significant forces of this class is, however, they can give the full support to his party members through auras, blessings, and healing even if they are not as much strength as a Rogue or Warrior when it comes to melee or as much effective as a Priest or Druid in terms of healing other people in a party. So it can be said that they are arguably the best supporting class in WoW.

Furthermore, Paladins possess several abilities in vanquishing all sworn enemies like (Exorcism, Holy Wrath and Turn undead) which make them greatly powerful. They also have unmatched buff capacities. Despite wearing heavy plate Armor and carrying big shields like a warrior, they are still capable of being efficient healers that contribute to building their famous durability in battle. With their highly flexible and versatile abilities, Paladins can take up a vast variety of major desirable roles in groups such as tanking, off tanking, healing, and melee damage dealing whenever they are called upon to fill all these roles in a party.