Mages excel at using all kinds of lethal spells against enemies and they are a spellcasting veteran who specializes in dealing a lot of damage to all their selected targets. Damage dealing is considered to be their key mission in a party lower levels, while the spell specialists also possess the crowd control of mobs which can turn their enemies into harmless and tamed animals such as sheep on a temporary basis by using polymorph, thus preventing the target from partaking in combat for a period of time.

At higher levels, mages commence to play more multiple primary roles when there are an array of spells involved in many battling encounters and situations like Counterspell, Detect Magic and Remove Curse. Mages have a very special role as a helpful conjurer too as they can instantly conjure food and drinks to help members in a party recover much faster from injury or wound during combat.

Due to their truly fantastic spell abilities, they are also able to teleport themselves to major cities at their own will as well as open portals for their party members to enter into. As a manga-oriented class, Mages are the same as the hunter as a kiting class in that they can deal with countless ranged damage, while effectively using dodge skills to escape taking damage during fighting. Like the priests class, cloth armor is the only thing Mages can wear in combat.