Home to all kinds of breasts and animals is The World of Azeroth. Every species of creatures can be found here. Some of them are friendly, hostile and fierce. However, one thing they all have in common is all the creatures possess a special linking with the vicious hunter. Hunters have the ability to hunt, catch, track, tame, and slay all animals and beasts they can find in the wilderness. Whether using knifes, daggers, bows or firearms, all hunters regard their weapons and combat pets as their only true friends during their exciting adventures into the world.

A belief is very strong that no class in WoW can be as good as the hunter when using ranged weapons. Hunters the only class that is recognized for effectively using various ranged weapons (for example, bows and guns) as the main source of doing their DPS (Damage Per Second) against all those who stand in their way. It has been long believed that hunters are arguably one of the most effective ranged attackers in the World of Warcraft. They are extremely proficient in performing a string of ranged weapons such as bows, guns, firearms, and muskets.

This hunting class is believed to be most efficient in adapting to ranged fighting style since only leather armor is available until level 40 and it has only a few melee abilities compared to some other melee-based classed like the rogue`s warrior and warlock. Widely recognized to be a great schemer or planner, hunters possess the amazing gift to lay intricately-made traps for enemies, using their ranged weapons to allure them into the traps. In addition to all these abilities, the hunter also has skills in tracking and taming wild beasts to make them become their permanent combat pet while fighting against their adversaries.