Well known for being the protectors of the world, the Druid was awaken for the first time to face the threat of the Burning Legion during its recent invasion in the Third War after being kept in dark forests for so many years. Following the defeat of Archimonde, Druids decided to continue their stay in the waking world and aid to rebuild their ravaged lands. The Legion’s horrible assault left a nasty scar on the nature, and Druids seek all the possible ways to heal it.

Druids are a very versatile hybrid class who can perform a lot of abilities on enemies with lots of damage. Being so close to nature obviously enables them to shapeshift into 4 different animals forms. The very first one is the Bear Form ( warior ) which can increase Armor power and damage dealt while allowing the use of various taunts as well as other melee capabilities. The second form is the Cat form (Rogue) which has Stealth and exerts Combo Points, exactly like the Rogue class.

The two last shapes comprised of Traveling Form (Cheetah) and Aquatic Form (Seal) cannot be used in combat but will be utilized instead when traveling both on land and in water. Besides the shapeshifting ability, their versatility is evident in World of Warcraft as they boast the flexibility to play any role required when in a party. They can easily be both great healers and buffers in a highly effective way due to their spell casting ability and also possess a number of offensive spells like DOT spells (Damage Over Time) and DD spells (Direct Damage) as well.